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 The Northeastern region has always been a priority for BASF in the country, and in Bahia, our company has been active for almost 40 years in the Industrial Complex of Camaçari. In 2015, our old amine plant gave way to the Camaçari Acrylic Complex: the largest investment in our history in Brazil and South America. Implementation of the project in Bahia was strategic for BASF, considering that the state has other chemical industries, is a booming market and has remarkable economic growth in many industries. In addition, the presence at the industrial pole brings us closer to major universities such as UFBA and technical training institutes, such as SENAI, which puts us in contact with a skilled workforce. Among other factors, Bahia also has several energetic matrices and our location at the pole brings us closer to the port of Aratu, our suppliers and customers.

Tânia Oberding
Industrial Director - Basf Acrilic Complex in Camaçari
O Boticário

Since the early establishment of our units in Bahia – plant and distribution center – Grupo Boticário realized the great possibilities offered by this state in various aspects. Bahia has great entrepreneurial potential and here we have found the ideal conditions to create beauty by creating opportunities. We believe in people’s capacity to accomplish and have been reaching good results. From Bahia, we have been producing and distributing to 15 Brazilian states in the North, Northeast, and part of Center-West regions with excellence and agility. This is possible thanks to the strength of 700 employees with a Bahian accent that are already part of our team.

Artur Grynbaum
Director-president of the O Boticário Group
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