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O Boticário

Since the early establishment of our units in Bahia – plant and distribution center – Grupo Boticário realized the great possibilities offered by this state in various aspects. Bahia has great entrepreneurial potential and here we have found the ideal conditions to create beauty by creating opportunities. We believe in people’s capacity to accomplish and have been reaching good results. From Bahia, we have been producing and distributing to 15 Brazilian states in the North, Northeast, and part of Center-West regions with excellence and agility. This is possible thanks to the strength of 700 employees with a Bahian accent that are already part of our team.

Artur Grynbaum
Director-president of the O Boticário Group

The State of Bahia is strategic and essential for the productive process of Paranapanema. It is in the Port of Aratu that our raw material, the copper concentrate, which contains about 30% of the metal, arrives. Subsequently, the material is destined for our plant located in the municipality of Dias d'Ávila. The plant has the capacity to transform 280 thousand tons of copper per year. There, cathodes, wires and rebar are produced with 99.9% pure Caraíba copper. The materials manufactured in Bahia are marketed to various Brazilian industries, as well as to the foreign market, with trading in the London Metal Exchange, taking the name of Paranapanema and Bahia to the world. In addition, the products made in Bahia are sent and processed at the other two Paranapanema plants, one in the State of São Paulo and another in Espírito Santo, where they are transformed into tubes, bars, connections and laminates of copper and its alloys, among others . We have about one thousand highly qualified and engaged employees in Bahia. Within the premise of sustainability, rather than adopting industrial processes, the company invests in the humanization of employee attendance, improvement of the organizational climate, permanent improvement of its socio-environmental responsibility programs and support of local communities. As can be seen, Bahia has a fundamental role in the entire production chain of Paranapanema. We hope to strengthen this partnership so that the company can strengthen its bases, expand and strengthen its activities, without giving up its social and environmental values, contributing to the development of the State.

Marcia Cubas
Director of Corporate Management
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