Bahia onshore market is discussed in Canada

Postado por Agencia Ative | 17 de May de 2019 às 19:36

During a stay in Calgary, Canada, to participate in the Global Petroleum Show, SDE techniques Laís Maciel and Denise Mach met with Alvopetro CEO Corey Ruttan to discuss Bahia’s opportunities in the onshore market and the long term agreement between the Canadian company and Bahiagás.

The contract, which begins in 2020 and lasts for 15 years, involves the supply of gas to the Bahia company and a total of US $ 30 million in investments foreseen for 2018 and 2019, for the construction of an 11 km pipeline and a Processing Unit Natural Gas – UPGN.

Credit: Divulgação / SDE

Source: Ascom/SDE