Support to Investors

How to invest

The entrepreneur who wishes to invest in Bahia must first contact SDE to receive the guidance of the technical staff of the secretariat and be directed, in a personalized way, on how to start the process of installing the company. It is important to emphasize that each venture has its peculiarities, therefore, the steps / duration for the project to be implemented can vary from one company to another.

See below the step by step of how to invest in Bahia:



› DESENBAHIA – Bahia State Development Agency

Institution that aims to make feasible projects that may contribute to the socioeconomic development of the state of Bahia. Its focus is heavily on the financing of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and microcredit.


Largest bank in Latin America, with the largest branch network in Brazil and abroad. It is an institution constituted in the form of a mixed-capital company, in which the Brazilian government holds 54% of the shares.

› BNDES – National Bank for Economic and Social Development

Federal public company that promotes investments in all segments of the economy, with long-term social, regional and environmental financing.

› CEF – Caixa Econômica Federal

Financial institution constituted as a public company of the Brazilian Federal Government, with its own equity and administrative autonomy. It is an autonomous legal entity, linked to the Ministry of Finance.



› INEMA – Institute of Environment and Water Resources

Body responsible for the implementation of the State Policy on the Environment and Protection of Biodiversity, in addition to promoting the integration of the Environment and Water Resources system of the State of Bahia. It is also the institute’s responsibility to work in articulation with the organs and entities of the State Public Administration and with organized civil society, in order to give more agility and quality to environmental processes.
Customer Service Center
Inema provides society with information on the procedures necessary to obtain the environmental license in digital format.



› JUCEB – Board of Trade of the State of Bahia

Organization linked to the Economic Development Secretariat (SDE) and whose objective is to carry out the state public registration of commercial companies, to register and register interpreter, commercial translators and auctioneers, in addition to developing activities related to other acts of legalization of companies.
Originated from the old Trade Court of Bahia, created in 1850, Juceb was restructured and started operating on October 16, 1968, with the objective of becoming the state public administration body responsible for business registration. It has undergone several restructurings until reaching its current format that dates from August 2012.
Juceb has the largest business database in Bahia and is responsible for opening, altering and closing companies.



› Banco Central do Brasil

Main executor of the guidelines of the National Monetary Council and responsible for guaranteeing the purchasing power of the national currency.
The registration of foreign capital entered in Brazil is done electronically, directly in the Information System of the Central Bank (Sisbacen). Instructions for access are available at, option Sisbacen.