Support to Investors

Secretary of Economic Development

Secretary of Economic Development

The purpose of the Economic Development Secretariat (SDE) is to formulate and execute the State’s economic development policy and, therefore, is the gateway for the investor who wishes to bring his company to Bahia.


• Articulation with other Secretariats of State;
• To formulate plans, programs and projects within the scope of its competence, observing the general directives of decentralization, density, sustainability and competitiveness;
• Define general guidelines and coordinate the formulation of the state’s energy policy;
• Articulate with state bodies and entities, especially those working in the areas of agriculture, livestock and food, science and technology, environment, infrastructure, tourism, regional development and urban policies, with a view to integrating their respective policies and actions, as well as in setting priorities for public investments;
• Promote actions aimed at attracting new enterprises to the state.


› Superintendency of Productive Development
Its purpose is to propose and formulate the implementation of economic and productive development policies, conducting studies and market research to subsidize the promotion of investments, through the proposal of strategic plans and projects, related to the mission of the Secretariat.
Superintendent: Maria Lúcia Falcón.

› Superintendence of Attraction and Business Development

It aims to execute the policies of foment to the economic development, through the attraction of investments, besides supporting and accompanying the implantation of projects.

To support the entrepreneur in obtaining the environmental license, SDE has a Technical Environmental Guarantee Committee that analyzes the environmental processes before being referred to the Institute of Environment and Water Resources (Inema) – the agency responsible for the licensing, avoiding that processes are stagnated by inaccuracies or lack of documents.
Superintendent: Paulo Guimarães



• Intermediation with fi nancing agents (Desenbahia and BNB);
• Articulation with State and Federal Government bodies as well as Industry and Commerce Associations;
• Actions to ensure the contracting of local services, equipment and supplies;
• Interlocution with institutions responsible for water, gas and energy services