Support to Investors

Tax incentives

Bahia has been offering tax incentives for the establishment of new industrial or agro-industrial companies.

Bahia has offered tax incentives for the installation of new industrial or agroindustrial enterprises and also for the expansion, reactivation or modernization of the already installed enterprises. These incentives can reduce the state tax (ICMS) to be paid from 81% to 100% on products and exemption from the purchase of fixed assets.

The State’s Economic Development Policy favors the generation of jobs, the internalization of enterprises and the strengthening of the State’s productive chain, as well as investment in research and development and respect for the environment.

The State has different incentives according to the economic activity of the enterprise.


Law no. 7,980 / 2001 and Decree no. 8,205 / 2002
It aims to encourage the installation of new industrial or agro-industrial enterprises and the expansion, reactivation or modernization of already installed industrial or agro-industrial enterprises. It benefits all segments, which are not included in other programs that have specific legislation.

Decree 6,734 / 1997
Provides for the tax treatment in the operations with products of specific segments of interest of the state. The presumed ICMS credit is applied in the exit operations of the following products assembled or manufactured in the State, in the following percentages of 75% to 99%, according to the sector of activity. These are motor vehicles, bicycles and tricycles, including their components, parts, parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies – finished and semi-finished, pneumatic and accessories, among others.

Decree no. 4316/1995
Provide for the ICMS payment and payment related to the receipt, from abroad, of components, parts and pieces intended for the manufacture of computer, electrical, electro-electronic, electronic and telecommunications products, optical media for computer equipment and cables and aluminum and fiber optic cables by industrial establishments in these segments, with the intention of installing in the municipality of Ilhéus.

PROAUTO – Special Program of Incentive to the Automotive Sector of Bahia

Law no. 7.537 / 1999, Law No. 7.025 / 97, Decree no. 7,731 / 1999, Decree no. 7,798 / 2000 and Decree no. 7,989 / 2001
Stimulate the implantation and development of industrial enterprises of this sector, of relevant interest to the state economy.

Beneficiaries: automotive vehicle manufacturers, called principal beneficiary companies, that undertake, alone or in conjunction with their suppliers, to use advanced methods, systems and technologies, shared, where appropriate, with local agencies, agencies and universities.

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