Bahia attracts 492 new companies and R$ 65 billion

In the past years, many entrepreneurs, brazilians and foreigners, are betting on Bahia. There are a total of 492 projects... + Read more

Quality of the Chapada Diamantina coffee is an international highlight

The coffee is so dear to the Brazilians that a special date was created, the National Coffee Day, celebrated this... + Read more

Bahia celebrates Industry Day with growth in several sectors

In the renewable energy sector you have no one. Bahia is a leader in clean energy. It occupies the first place of the... + Read more
Renewable Energy

In the last 3 years, Bahia invested R$ 9 billion in renewable energies

With the best winds and the best solar potential of the country, Bahia has reasons to celebrate this Tuesday (29), World... + Read more

Bahia starts world event on technology in education

The convergence between innovation, technology and education is the XIX International Meeting of Virtual Education Bahia,... + Read more

Bahia Cacau conquers public of international fair in São Paulo

Produced from cocoa planted in the Atlantic Forest corridor in the south of Bahia, chocolates from Bahia Cacau,... + Read more

Government defends ICMS exemption for solar energy equipment

Government defends ICMS exemption for solar energy equipment Another proposal is to use the source in multi-unit... + Read more

Bahia’s GDP growth rate will exceed Brazilian expectations

  The growth rate of Bahia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2018 was estimated at 3.0%, higher than the... + Read more

App facilitates decision making for project implementation

Bahia already makes available to national and international investors environmental information from all the territory.... + Read more
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