Infrastructure and Logistics

Porto Seguro Airport has a project for the expansion of the passenger terminal, the recovery of the landing and takeoff runway and the aircraft parking space.


The infrastructure sector in Bahia has a number of opportunities. Among the projects and works featured in the state are the Salvador-Lauro de Freitas Subway; the West-East Integration Railway (Fiol); the South Port, in Ilhéus; the Western Road System, which includes the Salvador-Itaparica Island Bridge. These and other projects, which also involve airports are being developed by the state through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

The infrastructure sector in Bahia has a number of opportunities. Among the projects and works featured in the state are:


• Subway Salvador – Lauro de Freitas;
• West-East Integration Railway (Fiol);
• Porto Sul, in Ilhéus;
• Western Road System, which includes the Salvador-Ilha de Itaparica bridge;
• Water infrastructure projects;
• Airports (Porto Seguro, Vitória da Conquista, Teixeira de Freitas, Barreiras, Ilhéus, Lençóis);
• Bridge Salvador – Itaparica.


The railroad system of Bahia, currently under construction, will soon be linked to the main Brazilian railways and important maritime and fluvial ports, with direct access to the ports of Salvador, Aratu, Vitória (ES), Angra dos Reis (RJ), Pirapora ( MG) and Juazeiro (BA), the last two being on the São Francisco River.

The main rail link between Bahia and the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest regions is the Centro Atlântica Railroad, which provides access to the main ports located in the states of Bahia, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It also connects with other railroads such as MRS, Transnordestina and Ferroban, making it possible to connect with the largest consumer centers in Brazil and Mercosur.

Another important rail axis in Bahia is the West-East Integration Railway, 1,527 km long, connecting the cities of Ilhéus, Caetité and Barreiras – in the state of Bahia – to the Center-West region of Brazil. This railroad will favor the flow of agribusiness, bulk and fiber poles, biofuels, mining and commerce, making Bahia the main corridor for the transportation of products from the Midwest region of Brazil.

Credit: Elói Corrêa / GOVBA


The Government of the State and the Federal Government, through the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), are developing the South Port Project, located in the municipality of Ilhéus, already foreseeing in the first phase, about 25 million tons of ore per year of iron produced in the municipality of Caetité, about 500km from Ilhéus, which will be transported through the West-East Integration Railway (Fiol). The investments were budgeted at the PAC in the order of R $ 2.5 billion, which will make it possible to be one of the largest ports in Brazil, since in a second phase it will be the main channel for freight transportation throughout the Central-West region of the country , flowing the production of grains and minerals of the surrounding regions.

South Port will form a port and logistics complex integrated with Fiol, the new International Airport of Ilhéus and the current Industrial District of Ilhéus, near the federal highway BR-101, several road accesses and the Southeast Gas Pipeline.

› Naval, Industrial and Logistic Pole
With a modern industrial park, Enseada also has a Private Use Terminal (TUP) licensed by ANTAQ and IBAMA, and already operating. It is planned to install a Liquid Bulk Terminal, which already has an Installation License (LI) issued by INEMA. This terminal will use existing berth berths and will be used for reception, temporary storage and distribution of fuels (diesel, gasoline, hydrated alcohol, anhydrous alcohol and biodiesel), with storage capacity of about 50 thousand cubic meters of fuels.


The airport infrastructure offer in the state covers a set of 47 airports. With 79 aerodromes, Bahia is the first state in Brazil to present an airport development plan. The Porto Seguro airport concentrates most of its activities in the tourism sector. The airport of Ilhéus currently supports medium-sized aircraft, but with the implementation of the Porto Sul Complex, a new international airport will be built in the city.

› Ilhéus International Airport
The airport is the third largest in Bahia in terms of passenger numbers and has the capacity to operate large aircraft such as Boeing 737 800, A318 and EMB195. It does about 10 thousand aircraft operations per year. The estimated investment for expansion is US $ 13 million.

› Victoria of Conquest International Airport
The construction of the new International Airport of Vitória da Conquista has an investment of US $ 16 million for the development of runway and take-off and access roads. In the second phase, another US $ 13.6 million will go to the TPS – Passenger Terminal.

› Porto Seguro Airport 
Project for expansion of the passenger terminal, recovery of the runway and landing, aircraft parking, parking of vehicles, new KF, reform of the section against fire, expansion night beacon.1,700 passengers / year. Estimated investment: US $ 6 millions.