Mechanic Metal

In Bahia, the metal-mechanic sector includes companies from different sectors of this segment, mainly in the sectors of metallurgy and automotive, characterized by having in its production chain large companies suppliers of parts, motors, steels and ferroalloys.


The metalworking industry encompasses all segments responsible for the transformation of metals, from the production of goods to intermediary services, including machinery, equipment, vehicles and transport and communications materials.

Of great importance in the Brazilian economic scenario, the sector has a vast productive chain, being the basis of other activities relevant to the country. In Bahia, the metal-mechanic sector brings together companies from different branches, mainly in the metallurgy and automotive sectors, characterized by having in its production chain large companies suppliers of parts, motors, steels and ferroalloys.

The sectors of home appliances, automobiles, civil construction, industry and service sector are the five main market niches for the use of stainless steels.

A universe in which Bahia owns 100% of production in Brazil, thanks to the productive capacity of Companhia de Ferro Ligas da Bahia (Ferbasa), one of the largest companies in Brazil, located in the municipality of Pojuca.

Credit: Mateus Pereira / GOVBA

Ferbasa carries out activities in the areas of mining, metallurgy and forest resources. With the development of high quality products, combined with strong socio-environmental performance, the company is a leader in the production of ferroalloys and the only integrated ferrochrome producer in the Americas, as well as being among the 10 largest companies in Bahia, with annual revenues exceeding US $ 500 million.

The activity of vehicle production, considered of great importance within the metalworking segment, is also strong in the state and is represented by the Ford Industrial Complex that forms through its systemists a chain of suppliers responsible for the delivery of complete systems to the automakers (modularization) , components and spare parts.

Also noteworthy is the segment of machinery and equipment that aggregates large companies in the production of parts for the renewable energy sector, such as the assembly of generators, motors and turbines for wind power generation.


• Access to suppliers of parts and systems companies present at the Industrial Complex of Camaçari and Metropolitan Region.
• Expansion of the production chain of auto parts and motor vehicles.
• Implementation of machinery and equipment industry


See the map below where the sector is predominant in the state.