The national pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in Bahia has a great opportunity to approach major consumer markets, such as the Northeast and North regions.


Bahia has a large consumer market for pharmaceuticals and health services. Annually are spent in the state R $ 500 million in drugs per year. We have more than 15 thousand health units, and more than 5,700 thousand pharmacies. As the sector is growing in technology and consumption, the State Government intends to encourage the attraction of laboratories and pharmaceutical industries with the objective of creating a pharmacochemical pole in Bahia, with drug production and envelopment.

To this end, Bahiafarma, a public pharmaceutical laboratory whose objective is to develop and supply products, services and technological innovation for the country’s public health, has been reactivated, acting in a competitive and economic way for the Unified Health System (SUS).

Credit: Disclosure / BAHIAFARMA

Bahiafarma’s production is carried out based on the implementation of productive development partnerships, involving dominance, independence and technological incorporation of a hitherto inaccessible area for the national industry.

Already in development is the multipurpose production line, with the manufacture of immunobiologicals and items such as high profile orthoses and prostheses, as well as rapid diagnostic tests for the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS) throughout Brazil, with the possibility still exporting to Latin America, placing Bahia instead on the map of the world pharmaceutical investment.

BAHIAFARMA is the main public laboratory in the North / Northeast of Brazil and one of the most important in the country and has become an international reference in the development and production of health supplies, with the expectation of ending 2018 with revenues of R $ 500 million.

In addition, it has been the pioneer and largest supplier of rapid tests and diagnoses of infections to the Ministry of Health since 2017, highlighting the development of international partnerships for the production of medicines for the treatment of diabetes through Productive Development Partnerships (PDP). currently involves the manufacture of insulin in Bahia and the participation of Bahiafarma as strategic public partner with the private sector for supply to the Ministry of Health.

Bahiafarma also develops production lines aimed at Diagnostic Line, Medicines Line for Diabetes Treatment and Line of Oral Solids.

In December 2017, Bahiafarma and the Ministry of Health signed a compromise agreement for the production and distribution of insulin in the country that will happen through the PDP, signed with the Ukrainian laboratory Indar. With this, the country will become one of the few in the world to master the technology for the production of the drug, which until today is imported.

Indar is the world leader in insulin production, which has been active exclusively in insulin research and production for 15 years and is recognized for using innovative technologies. The partnership also provides for the installation of an insulin factory at the Bahiafarma plant in Simões Filho.

Credit: Disclosure / BAHIAFARMA

Strongly concentrated in the Rio-São Paulo axis, the national phytochemical and biotechnology industry has a great opportunity in Bahia to decentralize production and to approach large consumer markets such as the Northeast and North regions. The State possesses strategic location, infrastructure for the installation of the plants and for the flow of production.

There are opportunities for manufacturers of packaging inputs (glass jars, aluminum lids, induction seals, labels etc) as well as for producers of items related to health products, such as diagnostic-test cassettes.

• Implementation of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as supply companies for the entire production chain in the sector;
• Installation of a group of hospitals with the necessary size to offer a regional coverage with companies that operate general hospitals, clinics, laboratories, producers and distributors of medicines, pathology and diagnostic imaging;
• Investments in the local production of medicines, with the development of research centers;
• Implementation of companies in the area of ​​pharmacy and biotechnological industry and in the monitoring of Health services.



In Bahia, there are consolidated industrial centers, located in the municipalities of Camaçari and Simões Filho, in the metropolitan region of Salvador, and in the Industrial Center of Feira de Santana (CIS), in north-central Bahia, all supplied by a complete road system and improvements, such as pipelines and power lines, as well as integrated logistics networks.

See the map below where the sector is predominant in the state.