Service Sector

The growth of the sector in the state has been driven by the increase in the purchasing power of the population and by the consequent demand for consumer goods.


In Bahia, the Commerce and Services sector is one of the most important for the state’s economy. Responsible for 71.2% of state GDP in 2017, this sector contributes to large generation of formal jobs, about 80%. It is characterized by a greater concentration of micro-enterprises and small companies.

The sector’s environment is plural, ranging from small to large retail, through the food, clothing, home appliances, audio and video, household utilities, maintenance services, tourism, education, architecture, medical and legal assistance, among others.

The tertiary sector is made up of more than 1 million companies that generate around 16 million jobs nationwide. In Bahia, besides adding the largest number of companies, it is the sector that most absorbs manpower. Its growth has been driven by an increase in the purchasing power of the population and by the consequent demand for consumer goods.

Credit: Camila Souza / GOVBA

With actions aimed at improving the business environment, business strengthening and support in identifying opportunities, the state has been contributing to the sector achieving a great potential for competitiveness and innovation, increasingly decisive to accelerate economic development and productivity.

In Santo Antonio de Jesus is located an Industrial District with competitiveness of several companies installed in a good level, assured not only by the local / regional demand for the products manufactured there, but also by the local presence of suppliers of inputs, components, equipment and services, whether physical, financial or technological.

The municipality of Vitória da Conquista is characterized as an important commercial and service warehouse, influencing approximately 80 municipalities in the north of the State of Minas Gerais and the Southwest of the State of Bahia. Its tertiary sector is always expanding, making the municipality the third economy in the interior of Bahia. This scenario is justified by the diversification in the offer of services and expansion of commerce that attracts individuals from other regional locations, stimulating the local economy.

• Implementation of programs and actions for the development of the tertiary sector in Bahia, in constant articulation with the business base (Commerce and Services Policy of the State of Bahia);
• Stimulus to the productive chains offered by the large investments in progress, directly benefiting the Commerce and Services sector, with an action directed to micro and small companies.



See the map below where the sector is predominant in the state.