Technical Schools and Universities

Bahia has 11 vocational university centers

The vocational training centers and the technical schools count on the partnership of the State Government in the qualification and training of labor. The training takes place at a wide range of levels, from the training of operators to the masters, in the most diverse areas – from civil construction to biotechnology.

Bahia has the following Technological Centers: IFBA; SENAC; SENAI; SENAI / CETIND; SENAI / CIMATEC; and SENAR, distributed in 48 Units throughout the State, 109 colleges and 11 vocational university centers.

In total, there are 134 masters courses and 54 doctorates in the different areas of knowledge. In engineering, there are 16 masters and six doctorates.

To help in the qualification and the professional formation of its employees, the entrepreneurs have in System S a strong ally. Formed by organizations created by the productive sectors (industry, commerce, agriculture, transport and cooperatives), the entities offer free courses in important areas of industry and trade. It is formed by the set of organizations of the corporate entities focused on professional training, social assistance, consulting, research and technical assistance, which, in addition to having their name started with the letter S, have common roots and similar organizational characteristics. They are part of the S system: National Service of Industrial Learning (Senai); Social Service of Commerce (SESC); Social Service of Industry (Sesi); and the National Service of Learning of the Commerce (Senac). There are also the following: National Rural Apprenticeship Service (Senar); National Cooperativism Learning Service (Sescoop); and Social Transportation Service (Sest)


The National Industrial Learning Service (SENAI) has as mission to promote professional and technological education, innovation and transfer of industrial technologies, contributing to increase the competitiveness of the industry of Bahia. Among its areas of activity are professional education, provision of technical and technological services, applied research and consulting. SENAI-BA is linked to the National SENAI, educational arm of the CNI System (National Confederation of Industry). In Bahia, it is part of the FIEB System, with the Federation of Industries of the State of Bahia at the forefront.

Crédito: Carol Garcia / GOVBA

The Senai Cimatec University Center is recognized by the MEC / INEP in the last four annual evaluations of the General Course Index as the best institution of higher education in North / Northeast engineering. It is therefore the training of high level staff and support to innovation and solution of complex problems of the industry, with the possibility of practical experience in Research, Development and Innovation projects, counting on the partnership of companies and other national institutions and international, as well as a modern infrastructure.

The Social Service of Industry offers quality training in Bahia, contextualized with the world of work. It seeks to diversify the offer of regular basic education for youth and adults, articulated with professional education and continuing education with different courses focused on competencies aligned with the strategies of the companies and adjusted to the current and future needs of the industry. Integrates the System of the Federation of Industries of the State of Bahia – FIEB.

The National Business Apprenticeship Service (SENAC) is a private, non-profit institution created to provide training for young learners and professional adult qualification. The institution is linked to the National Confederation of Commerce and has as mission to educate to work in activities of trade in goods, services and tourism.


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